In Luxembourg, OGB-L is the labour organisation that everyone immediately thinks of. OBG-L is a member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and a member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

OGB-L is the largest Luxembourg trade union organisation.

As Union Syndicale is represented in the same trade union structures, it was natural that a mutual assistance agreement should agree between these two organizations. See the terms of this agreement below:

Convention de coopération l'OGB-L et l'USL 2018

Accord de coopération entre l'OGB-L et l'USL


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The partnership USL/Patiente Vertriedung

The defence of social rights includes the battle for quality health care. With this aim in mind, USL has affiliated to the only Luxembourg patients' rights association, backed by the Health Ministry, the Patiente Vertriedung, which has approximately 260 000 members.

Its address: 18, rue Dicks L-1417 Luxembourg,
Telephone : 49 14 571 - site Internet :

As a USL member, you are entitled to free access to the following services provided by thePatiente Vertriedung.

  • information on patients' rights,

  • assistance in obtaining a copy of your medical records,

  • review of your records (in anonymous form) by a panel of health professionals, excluding those whose judgement is being challenged, to establish whether there has been any fault or negligence;

  • mediation to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Legal action should be avoided because the patient affected or their heirs do not have effective means of redress, for the following reasons:

  • there are almost never any rules of professional practice or care protocols: no rules means no breaches. Fees are unregulated, and one doctor may charge five times as much as another. Community officials are charged the highest rates.

  • Hospitals and doctors hide behind medical secrecy to prevent patients from analysing their records and identifying any faults or omissions.

  • there is no such thing as a medical expert in Luxembourg: as soon as someone claims to be an expert, his expertise is challenged.

  • as trials are very rare, you will not find any specialised lawyers or judge with experience in this type of case.

  • proceedings are held in secret, we do not have access to case law, and we do not know who has been found guilty of professional malpractice.

The only way to reduce the arbitrary treatment of complaints or at least to have effective means of redress is to be treated in a country where health professionals and hospitals actually take responsibility for their actions.



Union Syndicale Luxembourg has entered into a strong partnership that can benefit our members!

Union Syndicale offers all its current and future members - both residents and cross-border workers - and their families the possibility of enjoying an optimal supplementary health cover on preferential terms when they take out health insurance with DKV Luxembourg.

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