Be member

Why become a member ?

Being a member of a union means benefiting from assistance in various fields:


  • Don't let others decide for you, take part as much as you can in the delegation, the Executive Committee, the Staff Committee or contribute your assistance and your skills towards a motivating, enriching social objective.


  • Our team of officials are always there to explain your rights to you;
  • If necessary, our lawyer is available to you to give you free advice;
  • If the matter is taken further, financial assistance may be available depending on the interest of your case.


  • Your membership means that you are automatically a member of Patients' Rights Association.


  • USL runs training courses to prepare you for competitions, and admission to the courses is free to members.


  • As a member, you have access to high quality, rapidly-accessible information, as well as the possibility of taking part in the meetings of our delegations, during which it is possible for you to give or receive useful information.
But being a member also means:
  • Within your service, your DG, within our institutions in Luxembourg, upholding the collective interests of the personnel also involves unity of action and mutual support.
  • Within the USL, your membership dues are our only source of funding:

    • it covers our operating expenses;
    • it ensures our independence from the institutions;
    • it finances our court cases, translations, the printing of our tracts, etc.

How to join ?

Who to contact?

In most of the institutions, there is an elected delegation. We advise you to contact any of its members. In this way, you can ask them any questions and specify your wishes.

You can also contact our Secretariat (227 Val des Bons Malades). Tel: 43.25.79

Or you can contact the Policy Secretariat (Commission - BECH B3/463).

Membership application

By clicking on the link below, you can access a membership form.

Upon receipt, the Executive Committee will decide on your application.

The payment of membership dues

This is one of the essential conditions for membership of the Union and to benefit from the advantages it offers.



The benefits of membership

Although action by the union is aimed at upholding the interests of all staff, of course our members enjoy exclusive benefits.

These include:

  • direct assistance and advice from our elected representatives and officers (see delegation) for solving a multitude of problems you may encounter in your career;
  • free access to the training organized by the trade union;
  • access to documentation (books and CDs) developed by the union;
  • legal assistance (Doc. Legal Assistance)
  • cover provided by the association "Patiente Vertriedung" which upholds patients' rights, giving you free access to services;
  • certain advantages offered by our partner OGB-L, Luxembourg's largest trade union;
  • services provided by ASTI (Association for the Support of Immigrant Workers -10-12 rue Auguste Laval L-1922 Luxembourg Tel. +352/438333)

Currently, based on the resolutions of the most recent general meeting, Union Syndicale is seeking to expand these services to members in various fields.




Legal advice service

Union Syndicale Luxembourg offers its legal advice service to all staff.

You may use this service for advice on legal matters of any kind: private law (family, civil liability, contract, etc.) and social law (European public service).

The consultations will be held, in the Jean Monnet Building (C5/081) or in the BECH building (B3/463).

Please give advance notice by telephoning 4301 32741 for confirmation of the precise time of your appointment.
If you need legal advice urgently, you can contact us at the same number at any time to fix an earlier appointment.
For your information : Doc. Legal Assistance